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Dr. Anderson's Guide to Treating Stress

An Unsuspecting Solution to Stress

How a busy father beat stress and got back to what matters most.

Rob hadn't been feeling like himself lately. He just got a big promotion at work and originally he was excited, but it ended up being more than he bargained for.


After working late nights with stressful deadlines, he'd come home to his kids who were already sleeping. Rob couldn't help but feel like he was missing his kids grow up for a job he didn't even like. 

"After working late nights with stressful deadlines, he'd come home to his kids who were already sleeping."

Feeling defeated, Rob slumped onto the couch after another stressful day at the office. His wife came in after finishing the dishes, concerned about her husband. 

"Rob, I'm worried about all this stress. I'm wondering if it's worth it."

He didn't want to ignore her concerns, because she had a good point. However, he wanted to start saving for his kid's college tuition early so he'd have enough for them both. 

There has to be another way, they thought. So the two of them started brainstorming solutions so he could be more present when he wasn't at the office. After all, the stress was really starting to eat at him.

After some discussion, Rob's wife remembered her friend who had gotten acupuncture to help relieve stress. 

Rob was skeptical-- he hated needles. Getting his blood drawn made him squirm. His wife assured him it wouldn't be at all like that, and they found a chiropractor nearby who performed acupuncture.


"Rob's wife remembered her friend who had gotten acupuncture to help relieve stress."

Rob made an appointment at the clinic for the following day before going into work. The chiropractor showed him how small the needles were and how they might pinch a little but were mostly painless.

He laid on the table and the chiropractor inserted the short needles in different energy meridians, including his legs, wrists, and head. After a 20 minute nap, Rob was feeling relaxed.

Throughout the day, the anxious thoughts that disturbed Rob's peace had quieted. He started to enjoy his work more and the deadlines seemed much less scary. 

Rob went home after a long day, but he wasn't as stressed as normal. Instead of making a bee-line for the couch he greeted his wife and shared about his day. 

She was so happy to have her husband back. Rob made recurring appointments to get acupuncture and felt his mood improve more. He was able to enjoy weekends with his family instead of stressing over the prior week, and Rob finally felt like he had a handle on his new routine.



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Dr. Anderson’s adjustments have literally changed my life. He’s resolved issues caused from a traumatic head injury to physical manifestations of trauma. I used to struggle with chronic pain, tension, and headaches but have made a dramatic recovery thanks to his adjustments and acupuncture. He really knows what he’s doing, he’s professional and kind, and overall a top notch doctor.

Taylor A.


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