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Dr. Anderson's Guide to Treating Injuries

Recovering in Time for Toby's Big Shot

How a college football player found relief from an injury in time to get recruited

Toby was at the height of his collegiate football career.

It was his senior year playing college football and was the starting quarterback. His coach let him know that a recruiter from professional team would attend one of their games at the end of the month.

He was determined to make every game count until then so he could impress the recruiter. That was until his injury.

After getting tackled wrong in the last quarter a few games before the recruiter was scheduled to come, Toby was nervous he wouldn't be ready to play in time. 

A few days later and instead of feeling better, he was getting worse. Not only did he mess up his knee getting tackled, but he pulled something in his lower back. Toby could barely walk, much less play football.

"Toby could barely walk, much less play football."

Toby sat on the sidelines at practice feeling defeated. His coach pulled him aside once practice concluded to discuss a game plan for getting better.

"Toby if you don't do something about your leg and back you're not going to play for the recruiter. Have you seen a chiropractor?"

Toby had never been to a chiropractor so he hadn't considered it. He was willing to try anything so he didn't miss his big shot.


"He was willing to try anything so he didn't miss his big shot."

His coach referred him to a nearby walk-in chiropractor, and he had just enough time to go in for an adjustment before they closed that night. 

The chiropractor performed a manual adjustment to Toby's back and activator adjustments to his knee and back. By the end of the appointment, Toby had regained a lot of his mobility.

Toby came back for a few more appointments before the big game so he could be in his best shape. By the time the game came, Toby was playing normally again.

In the last few minutes of the game, Toby scored the winning touchdown. The recruiter was impressed and scheduled to watch another game, so Toby scheduled a few more chiropractic adjustments to play even better next time.

Image by Yogendra Singh


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Jeff is an amazing person which translates into his art. He genuinely cares and is concerned for your health and body. I refer Jeff to friends co workers and customers. He takes time to listen and make sure you are comfortable and feeling better. I went in because I threw my back out Jeff helped me with that and even took time to work on my sinuses a bit. Thank you so much Jeff keep doing you!!!

Daryl W.


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