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Dr. Anderson's Guide to Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One Rabbit Hole Away From Beating Chronic Pain

How a frustrating trip to the grocery store encouraged Marie to find solutions to her pain

Marie returned home after a long day working on a computer, a hectic commute, and a trip to the grocery store hands full with grocery bags and fumbling for her keys. A sharp pain shot from Marie's wrist down the center of her hand and she dropped her groceries. Frustrated that the pain was getting worse and starting to cause more frequent accidents like these, she huffed her grievances at the spilled produce while picking up. 

"A sharp pain shot from Marie's wrist down the center of her hand and she dropped her groceries."

Finally fed up, she pulled out her laptop and searched "why does my wrist feel like glass."


She came across an article about carpal tunnel syndrome. It described everything she was going through: sharp pain in the wrist radiating down the hand, caused by repetitive movements like typing and driving, and the feeling of the nerves being pinched. 

The article suggested chiropractic care to treatment carpal tunnel syndrome. She had never been to a chiropractor and didn't really know what they did. Another search later and she was reading more about how chiropractors could provide relief. Chiropractic adjustments would relieve the compression to the nerves in her wrists. 

She also read about how acupuncture can provide relief by reducing swelling, inflammation, and numbness while restoring motor ability. It would work even better than the over the counter pain relievers she was using!

Marie remembered her neighbor was a chiropractor who also performed acupuncture. She found the address to his walk-in clinic and went in the next day.


"Acupuncture would work even better than the over the counter pain reliever she was using!"

After asking a few questions about her pain, the chiropractor performed manual and activator adjustments to her wrists. He also did acupuncture to provide further relief.

After months of severe pain causing clumsy mistakes, Marie finally felt like she had more control of her hands. Typing at work felt easier, the commute home was less stressful on the nerves. Her husband mentioned how she seemed better somehow, and she knew it was because the pain was relieved. She told him all about the great experience she had at the chiropractor and how great her wrist was feeling. Marie's husband went with to her next appointment to resolve the similar pain he was starting to experience. 

The next week after Marie's long commute, she realized she didn't notice her wrists at all. This was strange as at this point in the day it normally hurt so bad it was all she could think about. She made dinner for her family with ease and even began enjoying cooking again.



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Dr. Anderson is a very personable individual that really cares about overall wellbeing. I have never really felt confident enough to actually go in to see a chiropractor but Dr. Anderson made it easy to give it a go. I have recently had my second adjustment and can say that it will not be my last. He takes into consideration the type of work you do and makes the corresponding adjustments to help you in your day-to-day life. The next step for me is to properly align my feet, knees, and spine, and Dr. Anderson is there to help.

Jordan C.


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