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Dr. Jeff Anderson's VIP Class Will Make Your Challenge
So Much Easier

Do you want to take your healthy eating journey to the next level? 

Dr. Jeff Anderson will guide you through each step and give you the extra support you need to succeed.

We know it takes a village...

If you failed to change your eating habits in the past, it was probably because you didn't have the support you needed to stay on top of your goals.

Changing your habits isn't easy, but it's so much more achievable when you have a tribe of hardworking people like you to grow alongside with.

What's holding you back?

"I've told myself I want to eat healthy for so long... why haven't I done it yet?" you might ask yourself.

If you're having a hard time achieving your goals, it isn't your fault.

There are so many tricks when it comes to eating healthy that it can be overwhelming if you try to learn everything yourself. The information online contradicts itself... what are you supposed to believe?

Dr. Jeff Anderson's VIP class is backed by science- get your own personal guide to eating healthy available to answer your questions, give you advice, and cheer you on along the way.

Can you really eat healthy without giving up pasta?

The answer might surprise you... but YES you can eat healthy without giving up pasta.

Dr. Jeff Anderson will guide you through why you can still have pasta and reach your goals. Healthy eating isn't about restricting yourself, it's about knowing what to look for and knowing your body.

We can help you get to know your body so you can give it exactly what it needs to look great and feel great. 

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Dr. Jeff Anderson's VIP Class Will Help You Understand Your Body And Make A Plan To Succeed

Tying together all of the knowledge you need to live your healthiest life can be confusing and difficult, but Dr. Jeff Anderson teaches you how to tackle these concepts with ease. 

He will teach you exactly what your body craves so you can give yourself exactly what you need to thrive for the rest of your life.

Most people aren't in tune with their body's needs and wonder why they feel sick or run down. By learning how to listen to your body and eat according to your specific needs, you'll never have to second guess whether you're eating right or not.

Stop Relying On Quick Fixes That Do Nothing For You

Are you so tired on a day to day basis that you rely on caffeine to keep you awake? Daytime sleepiness can point to other underlying issues you may not even know are there.

Learning to eat healthy can do more than help you lose weight. Imagine what it would be like to have a ton of energy every day- without relying on caffeine.

Energy that was produced by your body. Energy that will help you thrive at work, have more fun with your friends and family, and get you through your daily activities with ease.

Imagine how it would feel to lose that unwanted weight. Imagine how it would feel to overcome your health challenges before it's too late.

Have you tried fad diet after fad diet just to wind up disappointed by the lack of results?

Eating healthy isn't about ditching carbs, fasting, or the next big diet craze. Dr. Jeff Anderson's VIP Class isn't even a diet- it's a way of eating that allows you to enjoy what you love while still seeing the results you want.

Stop feeling frustrated over not being able to achieve the results of your dreams and finally start your path toward learning how to actually eat healthy. 

Learn The Secrets No One Else Will Tell You

You might wonder why it's so hard to find the right information on how to lose weight or help your health bounce back. That's because most people don't understand what really happens when they eat.

Dr. Jeff Anderson's VIP Nutrition Class is based on the fundamentals of food science. He won't distract you with flashy gimmicks or lure you with fad diets.

Get back on track by finally learning the real secrets to eating healthy... you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you learn.

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This is why nothing
you've tried works

Unless you have diabetes, you might not think about your blood sugar very much. That's about to change.

Balancing your blood sugar is vital for losing weight and keeping healthy. This concept is the core of Dr. Jeff Anderson's Healthy Eating Programs.

When you eat right, you keep your blood sugar balanced. Unbalanced blood sugar will cause your body to store unnecessary fat, leading to unwanted health challenges and weight gain.

Most people don't take this approach to losing weight or getting their health back on track- and that's why most people fail.

How do you balance your blood sugar? Sign up for Dr. Jeff Anderson's VIP Class to learn how to keep your blood sugar balanced and help your body feel good again.

Everything You Get When You Sign Up For Dr. Anderson's Healthy VIP Class

Six In-Person or Online Classes

Each week in our 6-week program comes with a live class taught by Dr. Jeff Anderson to help you conquer your healthy eating goals. Choose whether to come online or in-person depending on what's easiest for you. 

Benefit from the specialized help Dr. Jeff Anderson provides and the community of healthy eating champions working to better themselves right along with you. 

Vital Nutrition Workbook

Each class comes with a printed copy of Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook sent directly to you. This workbook will help you understand the class material and give you a tangible way to develop healthy eating habits.

Everything you will need to succeed will be right at your fingertips. By adding the VIP class, you'll be well on your way to reaching your goals and changing your life. 

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Vital Nutrition Recipe Book 

When you sign up for our class, you get a FREE copy of Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Recipe Book. This recipe book takes all of the guess work out of the most important part of our healthy eating approach.

Get recipes that are portioned to exactly how much you need to lose weight, feel better, and reach your goals. This will make cooking healthy food so much easier. 

Award Winner
Awards Banquet

Changing your eating habits isn't easy, and all of your hard work deserves some recognition. At the end of our 6-week class, you'll get to attend an awards banquet to celebrate all of your hard work.

You can expect a personalized reward congratulating you on your hard work, snacks, and fun. What a great way to end 6 weeks of good work!

Team Hugging
Dr. Jeff Anderson's Community

Get lifelong access to Dr. Jeff Anderson's community of Vital Health Champions looking to improve their health and add healthy years onto their life. It takes a village, and our community is here to support you even after your class ends. 

Get health tips, have your questions answered, and benefit from other people seeking for honest and obtainable health advice.

Avoid the Mistakes Everyone Makes When They Try to Eat Healthy

With Dr. Jeff Anderson's VIP class, you can avoid the common mistakes most people make when they first start trying to eat healthy. 

Learn what foods are the best for you without having to spend hours searching the internet for information.

Save yourself frustration while grocery shopping- healthy eating is about more than the food you eat... quality is just as important. Dr. Jeff Anderson will guide you through exactly what to look for.

Avoid confusion when it's time to figure out exactly how much you need to eat. Dr. Jeff Anderson can walk you through each step with examples and personalized coaching.

What would it mean to you if you could learn the secrets to healthy eating?

Eating healthy can do so much to enrich your life.


You can ditch the frustration from years of trying to lose weight but failing- you'll finally understand how to drop those extra pounds.

You can overcome the fear that arises from worsening health conditions and aging- you'll have a game plan to help your body heal without drugs and surgery.

You can find energy you haven't had in years- you'll have a much easier time getting through your day and even begin to enjoy yourself again.

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If you're ready to conquer your eating habits...
Now is the time to act

Say goodbye to the confusion and frustration you've found trying to figure things out on your own and finally see the results you've been working so hard to achieve.

Dr. Jeff Anderson's VIP Class will give you all of the tools you need to succeed. Eating healthy will finally make sense and feel so much more obtainable.

We believe you can change your life, we believe you can reach your goals.

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