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Not ready for the class?
You can still get extra help for your challenge...

Learning how to eat healthy can be a difficult journey, but we have the tools you need to succeed. DIY your healthy eating challenge with Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook.

There's so much bad information out there...
how do you know what to trust?

Maybe you've tried eating healthy in the past but didn't know where to start.

One quick Google search gives you so much information... but how can you tell what's real and what's not? Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook has answers based on science, not fads.

Eating Acai

Say good-bye to your confusion

You don't have to search for hours and compare multiple sources. You can get everything you need in one helpful workbook.

You will finally have the tools you need to succeed in your healthy eating journey. 

Imagine if you had all of the healthy eating tips, recipes, facts, and methods you need to finally get healthy eating to stick. It's not just about knowing what to eat... it's about knowing how to change your old habits.

But if you eat healthy... won't you have to give up bread?

This is what most weight loss programs don't want you to know... you can reach your goals and still eat carbs.

Not only will Dr. Jeff Anderson explain exactly why you can still eat carbs and reach your dream physique or the best health of your life... but he will give you healthy recipes with delicious options so you can reach your goals and still feel full.

Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Program isn't about restricting yourself... it's about learning the secrets to food that keep you stuck and unable to succeed.

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Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook Will Guide You Through Your Challenge

Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook does more than tell you what to eat. It dives into the psychology of changing your habits to make your journey so much easier. 

Week 1: Getting Your Bearings

Part of figuring out where you're going is learning about where you are. Your challenge will guide you through exercises to help you fully realize why your healthy eating journey is so important.

These exercises will be more effective with Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook to guide you through your thinking. These steps are crucial for finding success, and with Dr. Jeff Anderson's help you can maximize your success.

Week 2: Game Plan

In your challenge, you will have a week's worth of exercises to help you plan your healthy eating journey and remove any obstacles in your way. This is the phase you're likely missing if you're struggling to reach your healthy eating goals.

While the challenge will guide you through each exercise, there is extra help in the Vital Nutrition Workbook that will make each step easier and take less time. Everything you need is one easy spot.

Game Plan
Weeks 3-6: Let's Eat!

The last 4 weeks of your challenge are dedicated to eating healthy- this is where things might get hard. You did a lot of preparation leading up to this, and you're ready to do the hard work.

You can make your hard work easier with the Vital Nutrition Workbook- you'll have all of your prep work in an easy to find spot along with the tools you need to start eating healthy.

Healthy Cooking

Are you ready to change your life?

If you've read this far, you've probably tried to change your eating habits before... and failed.

But that's okay. Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Program is all about doing your best and learning as you go. 

You probably didn't have the right guidance and tools to succeed before. Imagine what you could do if you had everything you needed to learn how to eat healthy and keep eating healthy in an easy to use workbook designed to maximize your success.

Tasty Smoothie

Imagine if you finally saw the results you've been searching for after struggling to find exactly what your body needs...

Your body doesn't want you to start a fad diet... it wants good food packed with nutrients. 

Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook isn't another fad diet, it's the best information you can find on what your body actually wants. 

No one will you tell you these secrets... it's easier for them to gatekeep what you need to know to succeed. Dr. Jeff Anderson wants to see you thrive, and he's ready to share everything he's learned in the past 30 years.

Enjoying Salad

Why has no one told you what your body really needs?

You might wonder why it's so hard to find the right information on how to lose weight or help your health bounce back. That's because most people don't understand what really happens when they eat.

Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook is based on the fundamentals of food science. He won't distract you with flashy gimmicks or lure you with fad diets.

Get back on track by finally learning the real secrets to eating healthy... you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you learn.

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What do you like to eat?

Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook doesn't focus on restricting... it frames your healthy eating challenge based on what you like to eat.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be scary... you can actually eat food you love everyday and still reach your goals.

You can still have carbs. You can still have sweet things. You can still feel full after eating.

This is your healthy eating journey, it should be tailored around what you need and like. Finally take steps that make sense for you and get to the life you've been dreaming of. 

Everything You Get When You Buy
Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook

Vital Nutrition Workbook

Each class comes with a printed copy of Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook sent directly to you. This workbook will guide you through your healthy eating challenge by focusing on your needs and your goals.

Everything you will need to succeed will be right at your fingertips. By adding the workbook, you'll be well on your way to looking and feeling great.

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Vital Nutrition Recipe Book 

When you purchase our workbook, you get a FREE copy of Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Recipe Book. This recipe book takes all of the guess work out of the most important part of our healthy eating approach.

Get recipes that are portioned to exactly how much you need to lose weight, feel better, and reach your goals. This will make cooking healthy food so much easier. 

Team Hugging
Dr. Jeff Anderson's Community

Get lifelong access to Dr. Jeff Anderson's community of Vital Health Champions looking to improve their health and add healthy years onto their life. It takes a village, and our community is here to support you even after your challenge ends. 

Get health tips, have your questions answered, and benefit from other people seeking for honest and obtainable health advice.

Will you make these common healthy eating mistakes?

With Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook, you can avoid all of the mistakes people make when they try eating healthy. Fast-track your success and get noticeable results.

Most people don't know that the food they're buying is only disguised as healthy food... there are important facts they're missing out on that is ruining their results.

Other programs don't take our special approach to healthy eating, so they don't see results as fast. Dr. Jeff Anderson's method is based on science- it will give you exactly what you need for your body.

Acai Bowl

What would it mean to you if you could finally reach your goals?

Eating healthy can save your life.


You might want to look a certain why and feel down on yourself because you just can't reach that vision. What if you had a gameplan to get there?

You might have health problems that are just getting worse- you know you need to eat healthier but have no idea where to start. What if you had a step by step guide leading you to better health?

You might feel low on energy all of the time- you get enough sleep but every day you wake up feeling exhausted. What if you had the tools you needed to get that burst of energy you need every day?

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If you're ready to conquer your eating habits...
Now is the time to act

Say goodbye to the confusion and frustration you've found trying to figure things out on your own and finally see the results you've been working so hard to achieve.

Dr. Jeff Anderson's Vital Nutrition Workbook will give you the tools you need to succeed. Eating healthy will finally make be in your reach.

We believe you can change your life, we believe you can reach your goals.

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