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Dr. Anderson playing keyboards in his band


Dr. Anderson and a happy patient
Dr. Anderson and his wife at a Tae Kwon Do tournament

Since he was a child, Dr. Anderson knew he wanted to work in healthcare.  Having a fondness for anatomy but a phobia for blood, Dr. Anderson veered towards conservative, physical medicine such as physical therapy as a career choice after college.  Sometime in 1989, after graduating with a BS in neurobiology, Dr. Anderson was planning on going to physical therapy school.  His goal was to help people feel better. 


One day at a family party, Dr. Anderson met a likable and very engaging chiropractor who mentored his cousin.  The two started conversing about his future plans when the veteran chiropractor persuaded Dr. Anderson to think about chiropractic school versus physical therapy school.  


“You can do so much more as a chiropractor than as a physical therapist,” he said.


He invited Dr. Anderson to shadow him at the office one day.  After being intrigued by what the chiropractor did while visiting his office, the mentoring chiropractor introduced Dr. Anderson to another chiropractor who was pioneering cold laser treatments in his office.  Dr. Anderson visited his office next and was blown away by the work he had seen!  This was one of two offices in the nation that was performing this type of work.  Convinced he had found his calling, Dr. Anderson applied to chiropractic school.


Dr. Anderson moved to St. Louis, MO in 1990 to begin chiropractic school.  While going to school and playing for the school soccer team, Dr. Anderson met his wife on the indoor soccer field and were married two years later.  After graduating in 1993, Dr. Anderson moved back to his home town with his new wife to begin their life and start his chiropractic career.  In 1999, Dr. Anderson completed his certification for acupuncture, six months after their first and only child, Taylor, was born.


Over thirty years later, Dr. Anderson has helped thousands of patients relieve their musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction naturally by utilizing chiropractic, acupuncture, exercise counseling, and nutritional counseling.  


Outside of the office, Dr. Anderson likes to play keyboards and piano and performs in a local rock band.  Dr. Anderson also teaches Tae Kwon Do to kids and adults as a fourth degree black belt.  Dr. Anderson also enjoys hiking and climbing 14-ers with his wife Kim. 

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