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Having a hard time trusting nutrition advice? This changes everything...

Healthy Food

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Is Dr. Anderson's Healthy Eating Challenge

Right for me...?

Yes! This Challenge is For You, Especially If...

  • You want to lose weight, add 10 healthy years onto your life, and/or conquer your health

  • You struggle with your New Year's Resolution every year

  • You succeed better when you have a community helping you

  • You're struggling with pre-diabetes

Healthy Lunch
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If you wish to conquer your bad eating habits without giving up pasta, you're in good hands. With over 30 years of experience in holistic health, Dr. Anderson will teach you the science behind healthy eating and uncover the truth behind hacking your eating habits. 

This Challenge Will Show You

The Secret To Looking and Feeling Your Best!

What You'll Learn During Dr. Anderson's Healthy Eating Challenge

Week #1: Reflection

Getting Your Bearings

To know where we're going we have to know where we've been. Dr. Anderson encourages reflection and digs into why healthy eating is so important to you.

This crucial step has been a life changer for many people trying other methods but not finding success. Dr. Anderson's program tackles reflection without judgment, creating a welcoming space for anyone ready to begin their health journey. 

Week #2: Preparation 

Game Plan

More than half the battle is knowing where to start. Dr. Anderson will give you a step-by-step plan to learn what foods are healthy, where to find them, and how to prepare them. 

Dr. Anderson's methods are rooted in habit-changing psychology to give you the best chance of transforming your life. Not only will you finally be able to get over the hurdles keeping you from a healthy life, but you'll be leaping over them!

Week #3-6: Healthy Eating

Let's Eat!

Dr. Anderson will give you tips and encouragement as you officially start your healthy eating journey. You can expect support from the doctor and his community of Vital Health Champions!

We know this can be a difficult journey for you to embark on, and we're here every step of the way. Dr. Anderson's program will help you change your life in ways you never imagined possible!

Healthy Breakfast


During Your 6-Week Transformation...

Dr. Jeffrey Anderson


D.C. and Holistic Health Expert

Dr. Anderson is a chiropractor in the Lakewood, Colorado area with over 30 years of experience who specializes in adding healthy years back onto your life. With expertise in movement, nutrition, and more, he's well-equipped to transform your health for the better.

Dr. Anderson combines the science of natural benefits and your body's needs with a belief in transformation to achieve incredible results. His heroes have incredible strength and speed for their age, and he's on his way to the same results. 

Wanna learn his secrets? He can't wait to get you the results you dream of.

Your Chance To Change Your Life Forever...

Using Skills You'll Have for a Lifetime...


Ready to Transform Your Health Without Fad Diets?

What You Can Expect From the Challenge

BEFORE the Challenge:

  • Tired all of the time even if you get plenty of sleep, relying on caffeine to barely get you through the day.

  • Looking in the mirror and not feeling happy with what you see... whether you're working out or not.

  • Feeling nervous about how you'll keep up with your family as you get older. 

AFTER the Challenge:

  • Having energy you haven't experienced in years- feeling so capable and strong both mentally and physically.

  • Finally seeing the results you've been looking for... your workouts will have what they need to transform your body.

  • Feeling confident that you'll age gracefully and be able to keep up with your loved ones.

Dr. Anderson Will Be With You Every Step of the Way

Dr. Anderson's challenge includes video instructions for every step of the challenge!

AND get access to Dr. Anderson's community of Vital Health Champions. This Facebook Group will help and support you through your journey with advice, tips, and words of affirmation!

Let's get started...

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